25 January 2024 - Translation, Interpretation and language services costs


25 January 2024

Your request:

Please provide me with the following information for the financial years 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23.

All expenditure made by your organisation, in every facet of its operations and purview, on translation, interpretation, and language services. 

Please provide the aggregated total spent by your organisation and then, if possible, please provide this broken down by particular function for which the service was carried out.

Response to your request:

We have an annual subscription with Happy to Translate 

The total cost for our Happy to Translate annual subscription for the financial years 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23 is: £1,925 excluding vat.   

You can see a breakdown of costs for each year below,  

  • 2020/21 £825  
  • 2021/23 £550  
  • 2022/23 £550   

We have used no other services.