BI System - Social Landlord Portal User Group – Terms of Reference


04 March 2024


04 March 2024

BI System – Social Landlord Portal User Group – Terms of Reference

Purpose: To inform the continuous improvement of the secure area used by landlords to upload data and communicate with us. This includes data collections, notifiable events and other activities carried out in the Social Landlord Portal.

It is a forum for SHR to communicate planned activity and identify usability improvements based on portal user feedback.

The group will help delivery of continuous improvements through feedback, informing priorities and testing of planned updates.

Frequency: Main meetings in February, June and October each year with occasional activity required for any matters arising outside the main meetings.

Method: Online MS Teams meeting


  • A group of Social Landlord Portal users from up to nine landlords. The selected landlords are chosen to be representative of varied landlord types across Scotland and typical Portal user activity.
  • SHR Business Intelligence Team
  • SHR Regulation Group representative(s), normally a SHR BI Working Group member.

Standing agenda:

Welcome & Apologies

Planned activity – SHR BI team will discuss recent and planned improvements

Current usability matters – opportunity for more open discussion with users to inform improvements



SHR Business Administrator


Published within one month of the meeting and made available publicly on our website.