Scottish Housing Regulator seeks landlord feedback on asset management guidance - letter to landlords


06 March 2020


06 March 2020

Scottish Housing Regulator Asset Management Guidance

We have recently commissioned Arneil Johnston to carry out a review of our current advisory guidance on asset management. This was originally published in 2012 and was  intended to help landlords develop their approach to asset management in order to deliver good services for current and future tenants and make the most of the homes they own.

Since 2012  there have been significant changes in the operating environment for social landlords and we are considering updating the advisory guidance.

Arneil Johnston has now completed its initial review of the current document and has identified a number of proposed revisions which are detailed within the attached  briefing document.

We are now asking landlords to complete a short survey to share their views on the following areas:

  • reaction to the review recommendations;
  • experiences of asset management in practice;
  • views on skills and capacity analysis;
  • the asset management tools and approaches in use; and
  • priorities for any advisory guidance content.

 We would find it very helpful if as many landlords as possible were able to complete the survey and share their views. We would ask that you complete this survey by 20th March 2020. Arneil Johnson will then collate the responses and provide us with a report which will inform our review.

The survey can be accessed via the following link.

 If you would like any further information in relation to the survey or review, please contact Nicola Harcus on 0141 242 5642 or

Your sincerely

Ian Brennan 

Director of Regulation 

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