SHR Board meeting minutes - 15 June 2021


06 October 2021


06 October 2021


George Walker (GW) SHR Chair
Siobhan White (SW)   SHR Board member
Colin Stewart (CS) SHR Board member
Ewan Fraser (EF) SHR Board member
Andrew Watson (AW)            SHR Board member
Helen Trouten Torres (HTT)  SHR Board member (item 1 & 2)
Michael Cameron (MC) SHR Chief Executive
Ian Brennan (IB)

SHR Director of Regulation (item 1 & 2)

Iain Muirhead (IM)

SHR Director of Digital & Business Support (item 1 & 2)

Roisin Harris (RH)

SHR Corporate Governance Manager (item 1 & 2)

David Swanson (DS)

Transport Scotland (item 1 & 2)


Welcome & Apologies

The Board noted apologies from Bob Gill (BG) SHR Board member, who had left prior to the end of the preceding workshop.  GW welcomed DS to the meeting. 

Future Office

IM presented a report on SHR’s future office location arrangements beyond the expiry of Transport Scotland’s lease at Buchanan House.   IM explained Transport Scotland’s work to consider all options and identify a preferred option and a back-up plan for its future office accommodation from 2023.   He reported that the options provide high quality accommodation. IM explained that he would seek to bring a further paper on office space use to the Board in August.  

The Board considered the paper and discussed:

  • the fit with Transport Scotland’s plans and decision timescales, noting confirmation from DS that SHR’s approach fits with its planning assumptions;
  • the comprehensive options review carried out by Transport Scotland, agreeing this provided assurance, but also noting that decisions will have financial implications for future years ahead of clarity on costs and budgets;
  • the timing and sequencing of decisions for Transport Scotland and Scottish Ministers, and Scottish Government plans for a Glasgow hub;
  • flexibility around future use of space by SHR and how Transport Scotland will accommodate any changes in provisional plans;
  • the current status of the negotiations with building owners;
  • how SHR will accommodate the likely increase in accommodation costs, noting Scottish Government has been informed of the probable move and that SHR will provide further information on the funding that will be required;
  • energy efficiency, noting the buildings identified by Transport Scotland are heated by electric, have good EPC ratings and will contribute significantly to net zero emission targets.

The Board thanked DS and Transport Scotland for its flexibility and noted the benefits to SHR.  The Board also thanked IM for his work. It agreed to SHR continuing to sub-let from Transport Scotland and to move with it to the preferred office (or back-up) as set out in the paper.  It also noted a further paper will come forward in August around SHR’s space usage. 

Private meeting with CEO

The Board held a private session with the Chief Executive.