8 April 2012: SHR Media and PR staff and spend


08 April 2012

You asked for the following information in relation to the Scottish Housing Regulator:

  1. The number of media or press officers (see description below) who work for your organisation in Scotland
  2. The sum total of the media or press officers' annual salaries for the past year (one figure)
  3. The amount spent in the past year on external public relations agencies for issues about dealing with the media (one figure)
  4. If money has been spent on external PR agencies as in question 3, above, please state the name/names of the agency/agencies

Questions 1 and 2

The Scottish Housing Regulator does not employ any members of staff who deal with journalists as a significant part of their job.  Two members of staff deal with the media as a small part of their overall duties.  The job titles of these staff members are:

  • Head of Policy and Corporate Services
  • Corporate Services Coordinator

Questions 3 and 4

In the financial year 2011/12, the Scottish Housing Regulator has not used any external media relations agencies or PR agencies for issues dealing with the media.