Video: How we involve tenants and service users in our work 2019 to 2020

Watch our video or read the text version below for a short summary about how we involve tenants and service users in our work.


02 July 2020

Protecting the interests of tenants, people who are homeless and others who use social landlords’ services is at the heart of our work.

Understanding their views and priorities and involving them in our work helps us make sure we focus on the right things.

We do this by:

  • gathering feedback and views form our National Panel of Tenants and Service Users
  • working with the Registered Tenant Organisation Liaison Group made up of members of the Regional Tenant Networks across Scotland
  • speaking at meetings, conferences and events
  • involving tenants and service users when we consult on new regulatory proposals that will impact on people who use landlords’ services
  • involving our Tenant Advisors in our regulatory work and how we communicate
  • having tenants on our board, which brings a tenant perspective to our work
  • hearing views and experiences of service users from traditionally ‘hard to reach’ and equalities groups
  • keeping in touch with bodies who represent tenants and service users to get feedback about how we regulate

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