Gender Equality on Public Boards: Progress Update


26 April 2021


25 April 2022

Gender Equality on Public Boards: Progress Update April 2022

The Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018 is to help address underrepresentation of women in public life. 

SHR Board membership at 30 April 2022



Includes Chair of Audit and Risk Assurance Committee







Board appointments

Scottish Minister appointed to two vacancies during 2021/22.

Positive Action

We will continue our commitment to the Scottish Government’s objective for gender equality on public boards as we support our members during their appointment to SHR Board and plan for future vacancies.

In January 2022 we issued a news story to mark the appointment of Helen Shaw as Director of Regulation.

Using the work that we have done from 2019 we supported Scottish Ministers when recruiting to the two Board vacancies during 2021. This included a targeted outreach programme promoting the opportunities to women’s networks to encourage applications by women. Women were in the majority in the recruitment panel and the panel was chaired by a woman.  In November 2021 two women were appointed to our Board.  

We tweeted to mark International Women’s day in 2020 and 2021. Our tweets celebrated the contribution that our women board member and staff make to protecting the interests of tenants and others who use social landlord services.

We have used our duty to report on progress by April 2021 to promote future applications by women through a news story on our website and we continued this approach in 2022. 

We enhanced our webpages about our Board to include a permanent section providing information for anyone interested in joining our Board, with links to information on gender diversity.

In our 2019/20 annual report and accounts, published in October 2020, we stated our commitment to gender balance on public boards and our Chair reaffirmed this in response to questions from the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government & Communities Committee in November 2020.  We also restated our commitment in our 2020/21 annual report and accounts.

On 7 April 2020, we issued a news story marking the retirement of our Deputy Chair, which included reference to continued diversity on SHR Board and more women. On 24 February 2021 we issued a news story making the retirement of a board member and this included a quote from our Chair about working to attract more female applications.  

SHR’s Board member Helen Trouten Torres participated in three videos used by Scottish Government to promote applications to public boards in Scotland.

Video 1: What Board do you serve on

Video 2: Why do you want to serve as a Board member

Video 3: Advice for those wishing to apply

In October 2019 SHR Board agreed a programme of work to help attract applications by women to future vacancies. This was primarily focussed on the anticipated Board recruitment then planned for 2020, which was subsequently delayed due to the pandemic until 2021. Despite this during 2020 and 2021 SHR took some positive actions to promote future applications by women.