Gender Equality on Public Boards: Progress Update


26 April 2021


28 April 2023

Gender Equality on Public Boards: Progress Update 28 April 2023

The Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018 is to help address underrepresentation of women in public life. 

SHR Board membership at 28 April 2023



Includes Chair of Audit and Risk Assurance Committee







As of April 2023, SHR Board is gender balanced.  Bob Gil retired from SHR Board on 31 March 2023.  This vacancy will not be filled, and the Board will continue with eight members.  Three of the current Board members: Helen Trouten Torres, Colin Stewart and Ewan Fraser were reappointed for a second term in February 2023.   The next recruitment to the Board will take place to fill vacancies arising in 2025. Find out more about our Board here.

In our 2021/22 Annual report published in October 2022, we stated our commitment to gender balance on public boards.  We said:

“We continue to be committed to the Scottish Government’s gender balance objective for public boards and were very mindful of that as we helped promote Scottish Ministers’ recruitment campaign to SHR’s Board during 2021. We reported on our contribution to gender equality on public boards in April 2021 and in November 2021 we welcomed two new Board members appointed by Scottish Ministers, which brings our complement to 4 women and 5 men.”

We will restate our commitment and report again in our 2022/23 annual report, which we will publish around October 2023. 

Find out more about how to become a board member here: Becoming a board member | Scottish Housing Regulator

SHR’s Board member Helen Trouten Torres has participated in three videos used by Scottish Government to promote applications to public boards in Scotland. You can view these here:

Video 1: What Board do you serve on

Video 2: Why do you want to serve as a Board member

Video 3: Advice for those wishing to apply