National Panel of Tenants and Service Users

We work directly with a panel of more than 400 tenants and service users. It's one of the ways we find out what matters most. This helps us focus on the important things.


02 December 2022

About the Panel 

If you're a tenant or you use the housing or homelessness services provided by councils, housing associations, co-operatives and other social landlords, you can join the Panel. 

If you sign up, we may send you short surveys asking for your views and we may ask for your feedback in other ways too.

Find out more about the Panel's work 

You can find out more about the work the Panel does in our research reports. 

Read the research from our National Panel of Tenants and Service Users. 

Join the Panel

If you'd like to join the Panel contact: 

Engage Scotland

Tel: 0800 433 7212